New videopoems!

What a joy to collaborate with Gary Barwin, Bill Gilliam, and, forthcoming, Dennis Siren!

The videopoem, “The Female Line”. Heavy Feather,… with Gary Barwin and my text/voice.

The videopoem, “Becoming”, is up on “Becoming”, my poem matched with Jim Kemp’s painting for 80mL Exhibition to celebrate Museum London’s 80th Birthday. “Becoming”, The image is on  See for both poem and image “Becoming” originated in my poem written in response to my father’s painting followed by Bill’s music and imagery: truly very meta art about art about art. 

“Night Orchestra” is a videopoem written and performed by sound poet Penn Kemp with music and sound design by composer Bill Gilliam: The visual editing is by Gera Dillon using stock footage by No Copyright Videos and other sources. Title background image by Jim Kemp.

And earlier:

“Translation”, a videopoem with Dennis Siren, 2019:

“Among the Parasols”, with Dennis Siren, 2019, q.r. code in RIVER REVERY

“Heart P’Art”, with Dennis Siren, 2019,

“Between Between”, with Dennis Siren, 2019,

April 2018. Launch of Local Heroes: video by Dennis Siren:

Video by Dennis Siren: Couplets#15: November 2017, London. Featuring Penn Kemp & Marta Croll-Baehre.

PennandDenn Collection #1, 2016: Five Eerie Pieces
“On the Other Hand of Time”
“From Dream Sequins”
“Heart P’Arts”
“Between Between”
“For Me It Was Foxes”

“In the Words of Penn Kemp”, 2012

Dennis Siren’s Arts Doc Compilation. Penn: 20.46-26.25,

Luminous Entrance: a Sound Opera performed at Aeolian Hall in 2009 with Anne AnglinRuth DouthwrightBrenda McMorrowRobert Menegonini, video by Dennis Siren, sound by John Magyar.

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