Opening Doors and Windows with Editor Harold Rhenisch

Thank you for such profound and invaluable reminders, Harold and Deb! Truly moving, and moving into the poem…

Kites Without Strings

“You sit/awake tonight, your fingers/over the pages scattered out before you,/listening too through your hands.”– Harold Rhenisch*

Allow your head to spin with ideas! If the mind is a wooden red door with frosted or cracked panes then Editor HaroldRhenisch opened several windows for me! That’s my view of a worthy editor or mentor. He opened and closed doors and windows until I felt unhinged and accepted new possibilities: a stronger voice (or voices) and an infinite imagination ‘summer’-saulting like tumbleweeds across a silent and vacant field.

Harold Rhenisch - author photo 1 The editor as magician? Harold Rhenisch says “an editor is a set of wise eyes with a sharp knife and a smile”.

If you are an editor and/or a writer who has worked with an editor, you may disagree. You may even slam the door on my fingers and tell me my observations are wrong. C’est la vie!

What I have learned is that in the…

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One thought on “Opening Doors and Windows with Editor Harold Rhenisch

  1. d78hill says:

    Penn! Thank you so much for sharing this blog post with your readers! No matter what age we are, it’s important (I believe) to surround ourselves with warm and supportive people. How do we find the right mentor or editor? Patience! And listening to the Earth…

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