Stop the Kinder Morgan Expansion!

This poem participates in the CWAKE event (Canadian Writers Against Kinder-Morgan Expansion) in protest of the Kinder Morgan buyout and pipeline expansion in Burnaby, British Columbia. Oil pipeline spillage is a huge threat to the natural world. After being read, the words will be hung in the trees around the Kinder Morgan site, as well as compiled and mailed to the Office of the Canadian Prime Minister. The protest will take place at The Watch House camp in Burnaby on August 25 at 1 pm.

Support In Absentia

But present in spirit. With you to
protect all the land and the water.

I wish I could attend the ceremony
in person. I wish I could stop this
Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion
and buyout in Burnaby in person.

Kinder? Not this morning. Never.
No children of the morning need

apply. Nothing kind here and no
comparison in this short-sighted
gain for profit on unceded land.

Who is the enemy of the people?
Who gives voice to the salmon?
Courage, mes braves. Courage.

May all our words be enough to
affect right action, to stop this
violation now.

Penn Kemp

This poem will be published in Tuck Magazine next week. See

There is still time for you to participate! Contributions to be read can be sent to<>, and will be received up to August 20th.

“Dear Canadian Writer,
Pardon the impersonal delivery of this message, but it’s being sent to you by another Canadian writer, perhaps a friend or acquaintance, asking if you will participate in the CWAKE event (Canadian Writers Against Kinder-Morgan Expansion) in protest of the Kinder Morgan buyout and pipeline expansion in Burnaby, BC. You might share our concerns about the threat to local waters; the federal government’s promise that toxic bitumen can be cleaned up when science says it can’t; the marketing of tar sands oil, adding hugely to climate change; the squandering of Canadian tax dollars on a plainly awful business deal; or the violation of the rights and titles of Indigenous peoples during this time of reconciliation.

You can participate in two ways: come to the ceremony to read, or contribute in absentia by sending words to be read on your behalf. Because writers use words, and words can travel yet retain their power, this can be a truly national event. We hope to attract media attention, especially in light of national news outlets’ ominous lack of coverage of the issue, the ongoing protests, and the high profile arrests.

The reading (taking place on the unceded territory, and with the generous support of local Indigenous communities) will take place Saturday, August 25, at 1:00 p.m..

Please send this to another writer friend or acquaintance and share on your social media!”

Mary Circle

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