London Launches, November 26

London Launches!

Saturday, November 26, 2:30-4 pm.

Brown & Dickson, 609 Richmond Street, London  N6A 3G3. Contact: 519-318-1983,,

Book signing of Barbaric Cultural Practice:

Launch of Women & Multimedia and Performing Women: Playwrights and Performance Poets from The Living Archives Series, The Feminist Caucus, League of Canadian Poets.  Order from, $10.00.


Women and Multimedia


From the introduction by editor Penn Kemp:

Here’s an anthology that surges with energy: one medium bounces off another to create a resonating concert of variety and scope. The essays make a fascinating study of what is possible when one art form meets another in a kind of synaesthesia: one medium is perceived in terms of another. These pieces are not just lifted off the page: they are singing, dancinc spheres of possibility, sparking new connections. Luckily, humans “remain incorrigibly verbal creatures who love to explain things”: Women and Multimedia is the happy result of that desire to interpret one art through another.”

With texts by Di Brandt, Terry Ann Carter, Moe Clark, Penn Kemp, Jude Neale, and Cathy Charlie Petch.


Performing Women: Playwrights and Performance Poets

The essays in this publication are from playwrights, performers, and poets relating their experiences and ideas concerning performance. Includes:

  • “Why Ducks, Anyway?” by Kelly Jo Burke
  • “Red Dresses Hang from the Trees and Towers: Red and Rapunzel are Missing” by Cornelia Hoogland
  • “Sounding the depth, the surface resounding” by Penn Kemp
  • “Zoomorphic Poetics (or, Why I Write so Many Poems About Wildlife)” by Catherine Kidd
  • “How does collaboration enhance performance poetry? The intimate power of co-creation” by Susan McMaster
  • “Spoken Word Poetry and Political Act” by Sheri-D Wilson

Also available as copyscript online and in print from

Penn is an essayist in and editor of the two anthologies.








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