London ON: our Creative City

Comments on London’s cultural scene, specifically on the writing and theatre communities.  Others can speak for the vibrant music and visual art scenes.

London Creatives do the City proud!  Artists by necessity manage the business and promotion side of creativity well.  We are experienced and knowledgeable about our projects, our prospects and our audience.

Look at the burgeoning community theatre scene and the excitement at the Grand Theatre with the new AD, Dennis Garnhum.

Writers choose to live here because London offers the kind of privacy and retreat we need as well as numerous public outlets.

And writing is flourishing! Just this weekend, WORDSFEST is happening at Museum London. I hope all councilors attend and see how lively London Words and Writers are…  see

The importance of inclusivity is emphasized in the Festival.  local writers are given time and space to present their work, as well as the chance to mingle with those more nationally known.  That really is a grand aspect of WORDS!  (And it is bridging the gap between Western University and the community.)

Look at Poetry London,  Open Mic and Spoken Word: 3 thriving poetic communities in the city.  Look at Creative Aging initiatives.  Look at all the London Arts Council and London Libraries offer.  But they need more funding!

Local initiatives are flourishing! London arts and artists don’t need more studies; we need more financing.

Here’s to action!

Penn Kemp


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