DM du Jour


As owl hoots through a spangled sky,
I slip from the dominant design of vision
to sleep doubling to dream, fallen into ear.

Atuned.  Ear prints’ whispered lineage
alerts us to evolutionary danger even
as awareness expands beyond my scope.

Dropping off, all ears, I tune in, transform
visual  illusion for glamorous aural chimera
wonder where Beauty disappears in clamour.

Duplicity entrances, the diversity of
possible beings that inhabit the world,
whose lives are played below our sight-

line.  They know their path and do not
deviate.  We who’ve taken wrong turns
over and over since the Neolithic watch

in wonder.  And wonder how to return
to such simple complexities with intact
consciousness.  The jewel in our crown,

that we know we know, we do not wish
to lose in merging with all that could be.

Night rustles outside our window, murmurs
and squeaks.  Whimpers follow outraged

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