Tribute: December 26, 2014

Facing the Epicentre

The time has now come when Earth
connects with Saturn’s North Node.

A weak sun in Capricorn opposes
serious Saturn in Cancer.  Contesting
forces work us over.  Day sparks.

Inner and outer hang on a thread.


How can we stabilize the Earth?  When
she quakes, we too tremble in fear and
resentment.  (How dare our mother shake
us off, like a bitch come in from the rain?)

Just when we had our lives organized,
our houses arranged the way we like,
our business minded, our minds at ease.
On vacation.

Just then.  Foundations heave.
No leg to stand on.  Upright is not
an option.

We are still reeling as the wind blows
wild from the south. Land slides.

Numbers mount to many thousands gone.
But it’s the face of one dead child that counts.

Dreams caution us to acquiescence,
acceptance, equilibrium. We respond
with surface calm but the network
of nerve trembles with the earth.

We tremble on uneven ground.

What is happening below the waves?
When the ocean floor has burbled
cartographers must draw new maps.

The North Pole in shifting an inch
makes the Earth rounder.  May we too
round out our differences, smooth
rough edges, roll with the punches.
Cusping the Age of Aquarius, I hope
we can lean toward collective awareness,
collective compassion

Videopoem In tribute to December 26, 2004.  “Facing the Epicentre”, a poem from the dvd, Luminous Entrance: a sound opera.

Text by Penn. Reading with Anne Anglin and musicians Brenda McMorrow and Rob Menegoni at Aeolian Hall, London ON.
Videography: Dennis Siren




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