Celebrating Brick Books’ 40th anniversary!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Photo: Kathy Smith

Photo: Kathy Smith

Follow the Yellow Brick Road  

In these tough times, all publishing houses
need more than a name like Brick to stand.
Take a reputation for exceptional books by
some of the finest poet editors in the land.
Take Kitty Lewis at the helm, steering poets
to read cross-country, words springing to life.
Brick Books birthed in London forty years ago
under the aegis of Applegarth’s Folly and/or
Nairn Books. Just like our own Antler River,
Brick’s origins are forked. In the Seventies,
London knew the regional led to national
recognition but was in itself the foundation.
More lime and less clay constitute the local
soft yellow buff brick London is famous for.
Now Brick Books stretches across the land
with aplomb, not coasting on a poet’s laurels
but publishing new and more established talent,
whatever is fresh, exact, exquisitely designed.
Reading their titles, you realize how space
for the art of poetry is created in the heart .
“Three cheers for the Brick Books experience”,
writes Barry Dempster, Brick poet and editor.
We too salute Brick’s enterprise, excellence
and enduring enthusiasm for poems that last.
No winds of change will blow this house down.
It’s built to endure so the word can be read and
heard.  For Brick Books takes care and cares for
the several poetic Muses with singular attention.
Penn Kemp is a London poet, playwright and activist, winner of the
2015 League of Poets Spoken Word Award. Her Muse/ news is up on

This poem was publised on 
http://www.brickbooks.ca/follow-the-yellow-brick-road-celebrating-brick-books-40th-anniversary/ for

Celebration of Canadian Poetry 2015, http://www.brickbooks.ca/category/news/celebrate-canadian-poetry/

See also http://www.brickbooks.ca/week-2-i-love-canlit-by-irene-mathyssen/
and http://www.brickbooks.ca/week-19-penn-kemp-presented-by-susan-mccaslin/.

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