Creative Aging: Reading and Writing Workshop May 9!

With Patricia Keeney, poet, novelist, essayist, professor

Vocal Braidings.hmtb.front cover.200

What Lies Ahead: Spring Readings and Workshops in London ON!


Your imagination, your creativity: what does the crystal ball hold for you?

Four more readings/workshops from several of Canada’s most rousing writers at Landon Library, London, will encourage you to step into creatively aging through their inspiration. Each reading is followed by a workshop to explore your own writing in whatever form it takes. Spring is the time for new beginnings: what springs to mind for you?
Curated and introduced by Penn Kemp, Writer in Residence, Creative Age Festival London

FREE. Register by phone 519 661.5122, on-line or in person at any Library branch.
The events are downstairs @Landon Library, 167 Wortley Rd. London N6C 3P6.
Sign up now to ensure your place!  Bring lots of paper and a pen: you will be inspired!
May 9: Patricia Keeney*
May 23: Sheri-D Wilson*
May 30: Sandy Ross
June 6: Penn Kemp**

May 9 ~ 10am- noon. Patricia Keeney is a writer, critic and Professor of Creative Writing at York University, with poetry translated into many languages, and a novelist too.

Workshop Description: After discussing Pat’s process of creating. the group will consider a big change point in their lives, free-associating both feelings and a central image, and then writing to be shared and fashioned into poems.

Patricia Keeney’s creative and critical work, as well as her teaching interests, are broadly interdisciplinary. Having lived and worked for extended periods of time in England, France, Mexico, Hungary, Brazil, China, India and South Africa, she is widely published both in Canada and abroad. As an editor and award-winning critic (literary and theatre), she has written extensively in Canadian journals such as the Canadian Forum and MacLean’s Magazine and served as a consulting editor (1990-2000) on The World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre, published by Routledge. She is the author of nine books of poetry and a picaresque novel entitled The Incredible Shrinking Wife (Black Moss Press, 1995). A volume of her Selected Poems (Oberon Press) was published in 1996 with an introduction by the distinguished Russia poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko. Her poetry has also been translated into French (winning the Prix Jean Paris in 2003), Spanish, Bulgarian, Chinese and Hindi. Keeney’s experiment in poetry and theatre called Vocal Braiding with sound poet and playwright Penn Kemp was published by Pendas Productions (2001). One of three Canadian writers sent to Mexico on a cultural exchange program under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), she has, in addition, produced a series of conversations and poems on national and personal culture, entitled You Bring Me Wings, with the Mexican poet Ethel Krauze. (Antares Press, 2011). Her latest collection of poetry is entitled First Woman (Inanna Publications, 2011). Currently working on fiction, she has completed a full-length novel, One Man Dancing, based on a true story involving a young African actor who finds himself caught up in international intrigue and artistic exploration. Set in Idi Amin’s Uganda, early drafts of the book attracted much attention in public readings and has already generated film interest. Her next project, a novel called Emptiness and Angels is already in draft form, combining the contemporary fascination for biblical suspense with her enduring interest in female quest and feminist satire. A Professor of English and Creative Writing at York University for many years, Keeney has concentrated on areas of Canadian culture and literature, children’s literature, modern poetry and literature by and about women.

Vocal Braidings.hmtb.front cover.200

May 23 ~ 10am- noon. Sheri-D Wilson, mama of dada, is an internationally known Spoken Word Artist who believes in social change through personal transformation.
Workshop Description:Dance of Words ~ prepare for something new in the realm of Spoken Word. We will write, think, and play. We will enter an introspective space to contemplate and curve through writing exercises, and voice our ideas.

May 30th ~ 10am- noon. Sandy Ross is a dynamic wordsmith and instructor. Among her other writing projects, she thoroughly enjoys facilitating monthly Storytelling Your Life workshops.
Workshop Description: Storytelling Your Life ~ Sandy uses her gift as a creative spark to inspire your story well told. She will work closely with workshop participants as they develop their personal writings and readings.

June 6 – 10:30- noon. Penn Kemp is an inspiring workshop presenter, poet, playwright, performer, activist and London’s inaugural poet laureate.
Workshop Description:After reading from some plays, Penn will lead us in exploring and developing characters through sound and image. In allowing our Muses to speak through us we’ll be surprised at the unfolding process of new writing.

Sponsored by Creative Aging Festival and London Public Library.
Details are  up on

*These readings are sponsored by the League of Canadian Poets,
**This reading is sponsored by


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