What is Now? Saturday, May 9, 8 pm. Gallery 345, Toronto,

Being in the present can be interesting if we pay attention.

Being in the now can be transcendent if we know what to do.

Exploration through performance could be the difference…

Saturday, May 9, 8 pm. What is Now? Gallery 345, 345 Sorauren Ave, Toronto, ON M6R 2G5, 416.822.9781. $10-$20.

This show explores “What is Now?” through performances by Toronto poets – spoken word artists Brent Peers and Tanya Neumeyer rooted in the poetry slam community and performance poet Penn Kemp from London, Ontario, alongside improvised music created by Bill Gilliam (piano), Glen Hall (Kyma X, electroacoustic sounds, saxophone, flutes, and bass clarinet) and Ambrose Pottie (percussion). Contact: info@gallery345.com. Sponsored by the League of Canadian Poets.  Penn has just received the Spoken Word Award from the League of Canadian Poets: http://poets.ca/2015/04/01/golden-beret-2015-penn-kemp.

“It was completely clear to me that the performers have a wonderful musical relationship because they listen so well to one another and allow for each artist to play in the spotlight and showcase their talents.  This is all done in a very subtle fashion, seamlessly weaving voices, keyboard sampled textures and percussive accents.  The effect is transporting, meditative and our audiences were completely engaged by the intimacy of their performance.
Be prepared to go on a journey into textured sound scapes, playful sound poetry and texts.  You won’t be disappointed!!” Gordon Way, Assistant Artistic Director, Distillery Jazz Festival

Notes from our April 25 performance in London:
“Penn, your passionate poetry was an inspiration to me, thank you so much! And thanks to Bill for his extraordinary piano playing!” Marion Johnson
“Bravo – Saturday’s reading exquisite Saturday’s “musical reading” was fabulously entertaining. It was truly a memorable occasion which Marion and I were happy to be a part of. Let me know when you repeat in Toronto as i want to publicize it. Bill was an awesome talent as well. Just wonderful…” Nancy Johnson

See also .https://www.facebook.com/events/1467388050218167/


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