Celebrating FOOD in National Poetry Month: “Fare Trade”

Fare Trade

I would eat local food only were it not for temptation.
A green invitation of open avocado in emerald halves.
An alluring variety of mango hot to eye, cool to tongue.

The seduction of dark chocolate.
The slurped fulfilment in oyster.
The simple necessity of rice.

Otherwise, I would be content with my yard’s fall produce.
But having tasted the world’s fare, how to return unjaded
to simple pleasures that this ground offers?  Beans.

Corn.  Squash.  Corn.  Beans.  The three sisters thrive.

Yes, I will eat local food mostly.  Except for.   Except for…

When The Bare Naked Ladies sing “Snack Time”, not one of the stars
they record choose celery sticks. No-one claims carrots for their own.

O banana.  O chocolate.  Chicory can never compare to café au lait.

On to political rant: our food too cheap, our farmers ruined.

Our eyes closed, we rest easy, spoiled ripe fruit in the docks,
turning sleepy to sun-rotten.  Given so much, we reach for more

even when over full.  And poems break off as the lunch bell rings.

Penn Kemp

from our dvd Luminous Entrance: a sound opera for climate change action
www.calgaryspokenwordfestival.com, program

“Fare Trade” in an earlier version was published in . www.goddesspages.co.uk/, summer 2010.


One thought on “Celebrating FOOD in National Poetry Month: “Fare Trade”

  1. Celebrating Food .. So beautifully and eloquently said by poet Penn Kemp .. delicious .. makes me hungry to read the poem!


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