Music from 19th C. Upper Canada, Poems from the present

Come to Eldon House Interpretive Centre on March 8, 2:30 pm for Music of the Harris Family and Poems from Possessions: The Eldon House Poems!

Eldon House Interpretive Centre, 481 Ridout Street, London ON.  $20. For tickets, call 519-661-5169.

Featuring Rachel Snow, soprano, Sigmar Martin, violin, Stephen Holowitz, piano and James Reaney, narrator

Special Guests from Poetry London reading from Possessions- The Eldon House Poems.

The spirit of nineteenth century London Ontario comes to life with presentations of music discovered in the Eldon House archives and other favourites of the period,

See James Reaney’s, and

I will be reading my poem, “The Dream Life of Teresa Harris”, from the anthology Possessions: The Eldon House Poems. The poem can be heard in my CD, Night Vision (Pendas Productions). It’s performed with singer/songwriter Brenda McMorrow and me on this videopoem by Dennis Siren:, filmed at The Aeolian. This poem portrays the dream life of 19th century Londoner, explorer and world traveller, Teresa Harris. She was the youngest daughter of Eldon House’s Harris family. The poem developed into the play, The Dream Life of Teresa Harris, presented at Eldon House in September, 2013.

Scenes from the play to get you in the mood:

TeresaDonnagardenDSC_3597 TeresaDonnastairsgunTeresaDonnaPanayiotisMary

Photos by our art director, Daniela Sneppova


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