Celebrating Canadian Poetry: Daphne Marlatt

Brick Books is celebrating forty years of publishing great Canadian Poetry: Celebration of Canadian Poetry, On February 12, 2015, I join them in saluting our poets: http://www.brickbooks.ca/celebrating-daphne-marlatt/.

Celebrating Daphne Marlatt

A poem may be the most natural form for a poet writing about another poet…what better way to write an appreciation of one of my favourite Canadian poets? This piece was published in an earlier version in my book, Trance Form, Soft Press, in 1976, reprinted by Pendas Productions.

 From Trance Form

…follow a lady

into echo of eloquence

a shine on the laurel bush

she hides to hear

her own

& other


she seeks the small but authentic


from form thru form

she hedges

into earth

rooting taking hold of place

lapsing to silence

that her knowledge might


against the power of



she has tapped

no running away – this to



when she looks she peers

pushing back the thicket

long white hand

long white strand

out of the web

she weaves by day

frenetic &


on the clearing loom of words

stories rustle

hover at the corner of



a thing


at water’s edge


a central flow

form is apparent

in the moving   out

& down   thru fact

black teeming muck


(   wing

presences rustle

their story

a torrent

of sound streams round this

ring we intuit, dancing

into its power

it continues/

telling the steps

to continue its falling/




over forty years

Penn Kemp

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhotos: Gavin Stairs???????????????????????????????


One thought on “Celebrating Canadian Poetry: Daphne Marlatt

  1. Beautiful duo, duet!


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