Poem for Political Action

Crossing the Floor

So MP Eve Adams drops Mr. Harper and joins
Justin. May more rats soon flee our sad ship
of state, crossing as Flag Day approaches.

The Liberals are showing true Blue colours
courting Cons. Relish her name: Eve Adams.
“I can no longer support mean-spirited leader-

ship…values simply don’t align with this team.”


Running as new Liberal against the Finance
Minister Joe Oliver, Eve is likely to lose. But
the Liberal Party has nothing to lose in such
a fight. They’ve shown an open door to all
Red Tories disgruntled with Harper’s rule.
Justin has lost nothing except our respect.

Penn Kemp


3 thoughts on “Poem for Political Action

  1. bdhesse says:

    Ah the state of politics in Canada. It’ll be interesting to see how the coming election goes.

    Liked by 1 person

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