Poems and Prose, up on the links below


“Commedia”, Dance Macabre, e-anthology,

“In Celebration of Forest”, NEW ::: POETRY international magazine, Stan Lauk, editor-in-chief.

Poems for Alice Munro: “Telling Tales”, “Goldilocks Meets Alice in Huron County” and “The Hart of London””, Alice Munro: A Souwesto Celebration , issue of The Windsor Review, John B. Lee and J.R.(Tim) Struthers, guest co-editors.

“Daphne Marlatt presented by Penn Kemp”, “Celebrating Daphne Marlatt, from Trance Form”, Celebration of Canadian Poetry, February 12, 2015 on

“Dear Mentor/Tormentor”, Love where the Nights Are Twice As Long: Love Letters of Canadian Poets from Goose Lane Editions, The audio for this poem is up on, The poem can be read on

“PreSages”,, comment.

“Die Versify,” Revolver.
“magnificent and powerful.” Edward Pickersgill The original version is on My text and performance are sampled and synthesized by composer Bill Gilliam for their CD, From the Lunar Plexus.

“Walking on the Moon in Moulah Ibrahim”,

“Wonder Woman”,

“Climbing Jacob’s Ladder, Blanched, and Crossing Point’, e-anthology from Danse Macabre ~ An Online Literary Magazine,

“Shooting the duck”,

“Her orbit of ellipsis”,,

“Creative Aging for Boomers”, Art-in-Society #14, 2014.,

“Flux Flash Flood” is the day’s choice for September 24, 2014 @bookgaga @jaduperreault #todayspoem The poem is up on

“Creative Aging for Boomers ”, Art in Society #14, 2014.

“Ode to Tim Two-Bitswhopper’, audio and text,

“Remembering Jack”. Recalling Jack Layton’s state funeral.

“Night Orchestra”, The Poetry Jar, Another version of this sound poem can be read and heard on

“Man Date”,

“In Our Back Yard” and reposted in

Warm wishes for the New Year… may it be propitious, prolific and politically astute!  Happy, healthy too….


London poet Penn Kemp.Photos: Calgary International Spoken Word Festival and Metro London.


2 thoughts on “NEW PUBLISHED WORK by Penn Kemp

  1. dtaylor401 says:

    Trees, please (from another post). I like that idea a lot. It’s the way forward by paying attention to what we’ve had.

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