PlayWrights Cabaret, January 17, London, Canada.


My new ten-minute play, Homeward Bound, will be presented on Saturday, January 17th at 8:00 pm in London’s PlayWrights Cabaret.

See and,

Jim Kemp with brush

Plays presented will be:

  • Benched/The Key to Gift Giving by Len Cuthbert
  • Look to the Sky by Joan Veldman
  • The Thing About Cats by Barb Hoskins
  • Baby Carriage. Baby. By Steve Mielczarek
  • The Game of Life by Trish West
  • Homeward Bound by Penn Kemp
  • Forest City Dreaming by Robyn Israel

Heather Davies will be directing Homeward Bound!  The actors include Aidan deSalaiz, Hannah Drew, Chris George and Rachel Jones.

More plays by local writers will be presented on January 16th.

Tickets for McManus Theatre may be purchased for $22.95 at the Box Office at 471 Richmond St., London.
The Grand Theatre
471 Richmond St.,
London, ON N6A 3E4

Jim and Anne 1940JimKempeasel

Homeward Bound focuses on the difficulty of a World War 2 veteran and artist. He comes back to work at his former job at the London Life Insurance Company, to find that things have changed drastically in the six years he was at war. Society has shifted at home. Because the competition was anonymous, I wrote the play in the third person, with fictional characters.

Heart P’Arts, the full-length play, will be told from the point of view of my father, painter and publicity exectutive Jim Kemp, and his role in the arts community mid-twentieth century.  He is pictured above with his wife, my mother Anne Kemp. Thanks to AlvegoRoot Theatre’s support!

I’m happy to participate in The Grand’s grand Cabaret and grateful for grants through OAC Theatre Reserve and London Arts Council!


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