A poem for All Hallows

And all is Hallowed.  When the veil between the worlds is thin… this poem for you.  In Wonder.

Here’s to the magic of the changing season…

Listen to this poem on http://metronews.ca/news/london/1200230/audio-london-poet-penn-kemp-talks-halloween-and-wonder-woman/ !

Her Orbit of Ellipsis

My granddaughter is going as Wonder Woman
for Halloween. She’s practised swinging her
Lariat of Truth so I’m reading up on Artemis,

protectress of young girls and the archetype for
our current Wonder Woman. Arrow to hand, she
alights on the mark, drawing the bow on intruders.

Artemis herds her young artoi, girls of eight or so
away from polis, the city, into wilder woods where
she reigns Queen and they her willing apprentices

stay till puberty. Artoi, little Bears, they follow
their Great Bear into the chase and Orion hides,
the hunter hunted and flung out to constellation.

My granddaughter has gone trick or treating and
returned with a gleeful sackfull of eternal returns.

Penn Kemp


This text is published on http://creativeage.ca/stories/her-orbit-of-ellipsis-by-penn-kemp-london-ontario/ and http://creativeage.ca/stories/her-orbit-of-ellipsis-by-penn-kemp-london-ontario/.


One thought on “A poem for All Hallows

  1. So rich and moving, Penn!


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