Malala wins the Nobel Peace Prize!


Malala, your name sounds like a song
but it means grief-stricken in Urdu,

language of poets. You are named
after a poet, a warrior woman and
you have so lived up to your name.

“Every girl in Swat is Malala. We will
educate ourselves. We will win. They
can’t defeat us,” states her classmate.

The courage it takes to cross borders
defined by others, courage to uphold
freedom to read, learn, speak­ to be
the fully human that is our birthright.

Now it’s our turn to take up the call,
education for every child for which
women and girls today rally across
India, Pakistan and Afghanistan lands.

Malala, Malala. I hear the ululation
of lament and of celebration for her.

Can you hear what she’s crying? You
can join her common cause. But how
fares the girl in her hospital bed?

That beautiful face blasted. Her voice
silenced, her eyes shut. Hang on, girl,
hang on. There’s work to be done and we
desperately need such spirit among us.

Her father cries when Malala falls that all
Pakistan stands up. And now she too can
stand, what will Pakistan do? March on…

Grief is no time for emotion. Let sky open
and open to more sky. Light, we call for
light to dispel the darkest oppression. Her
name on a million lips in many tongues.

Malala, Malala, Malala. Hear the ululation.

And the elation one year later: nominated
for The Nobel Peace Prize and still speaking
out for girls, though she says there’s so much
more to do.

and respond.

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Poems for Malala Yousafzai edited by Joseph Hutchison —


Malala wins the Nobel Peace Prize!

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