Saving our woodlots through poetry!

Gathering Voices, Lit.-on-Air on 94.9 FM, Radio Western,

Because saving our woodlots is still imperative, my Poem 2013 Chinese Year of the Snakeshow, Gathering Voices, on Radio Western is replaying this show, “Trees, Please!” Listen now on

penn %22For Me it was Foxes%22small(1)photo by Dennis Siren

A polyglot of poets read their poems to save the London woodland, as published in the PigeonBike Press pamphlet, “Trees or Jobs: It Should Not Be a Dichotomy”. Poets include Tom Cull, Andreas Gripp, Patricia Keeney, Penn Kemp, Susan McCaslin, Susan McMaster and R L Raymond from PigeonBike. With an intro. by Joni Baechler, London’s mayor. She writes:
“I am so pleased that London poets have come together in a creative,
collaborative project with the goal of protecting our natural
environment. Heartwarming to my creative soul.” MP Irene Mathyssen,
also a creative soul, writes: “When all the empty strip malls are
falling down, we will still be missing our beautiful lost trees.”

The poems are up on Music on the show is from Bill Gilliam’s “Prelude (Dream Sequins) ”, composed for Penn’s sound opera of that name performed at The Aeolian, from his latest CD, Ensorcell.


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