Man Date

“Man Date”: a poem to read and hear:


by Penn Kemp

House. Hold. Man. Age. Meant.
Well. Well, whoever would have

guessed? Not me, when I was up
and away, running and running off

steam, that I’d return to a house to run,
the one I ran from forty-odd years back.

Now resounding, rolling round and
round the block, the wo(r)ld follows,

shouting curses, blessings, woundings,
winding me back here where I began.

Only courage lets me remain, lets me rest,
to maintain the stiff demeanour of brick

veneer by which I was raised. Rest and all
the rest is easy always. Words to swear by,

words to return here, open-handed. Home.

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Canadian poet, performer and playwright Penn Kemp has published twenty-five books of poetry and drama, had six plays and ten CDs produced as well as Canada’s first poetry CD-ROM and several award-winning videopoems. She performs in festivals around the world. Her Muse News…

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