The Rolling Blog Tour Stops Here… for a week!

The Rolling Blog Tour Stops Here… for a week!

July 14, 2014.  My thanks to Debbie Hill for inviting me on this Virtual Blog Tour. Her own excellent presentation is on and reposted on my WordPress blog on July 8.  Debbie asked me to write about my writing process and then introduce three writers and their blogs.  These writers will in turn write for the rolling blog tour on their blogs July 21 and introduce more writers on their websites.  And so it goes…

To see my choices, scroll down.  Enjoy and happy writing!

 The Questions…

1)  What am I working on?

Gathering Voices, my lit.-on-air radio show is heard on alternate Tuesdays at 6:30 AM and PM on CHRW, Radio Western, 94.9 FM and online. For upcoming programs and archived shows, see: The complete schedule is up now for the rest of 2014 on

AlvegoRoot Theatre will be directing and producing my play, “Heart P’Art” in 2015. The play portrays my father, painter Jim Kemp, and London’s arts community of the mid-20th century. It will be directed by Adam Adam Corrigan Holowitz. Produced by AlvegoRoot Theatre Company.

Jim Kemp’s paintings were in the London Visual Fringe, June 3 – 14, 2014 at The Arts Project,‎. Videography for the play is by Dennis Siren:

Tall Poppies by Jim Kemp

Tall Poppies 481948_10151091650089402_1953963330_nThanks to The Grand Theatre for a OAC theatre reserve grant for writing. “Homeward Bound”, another take on this play will be part of the Playwrights Cabaret at the McManus Theatre in London, January, 2015. We will be workshopping this piece at the Grand Theatre in the Fall.

“Heart P’Art”: This celebratory play about London painter Jim Kemp’s last week takes place in University Hospital. Dying in our culture is passed over in denial, but the gathering family experiences conflicting emotions ranging through memory, humour, and lament. A resolution in ritual acknowledges the importance of this most profound life passage. This play celebrates art and London’s artistic community mid-twentieth century and the spectrum of a life lived full-throttle, with humour.

Penn Kemp Photo Courtesy Gavin Stairs

Upcoming Events are posted on

Poems are posted on

2)  How does my work differ from others of its genre? Why do I write what I do?

See Stan Burfield’s interview with me on–poems-only-from-dec-4th-2013/1 and Kathryn Mockler’s interview with me on

3)  How does your writing process work?

This summer, I am writing poems for Dream Sequins. Five of these poems are up on–poems-only-from-dec-4th-2013/1. I write best early in the morning, when dreams are still vivid. I’m finding it tricky to convey the bizarre narrative of dream into a language that reflects the adventure but is not limited to a straightforward recounting of the dream.

Usually, my process is to follow the sound throughout a poem rather than a theme.  I find the resonance that the poem wishes to convey and follow that sound down the rabbit hole and back again…

4)  And here are the Guest Bloggers for Next Week’s Tour!

Three of my favourite activist writers!  On their blogs, Monday July 21, they will respond to the questions on writing and introduce new bloggers.

1. My first guest is the indefatigable Edward Pickersgill. His Sanity Claws News Network Magazine is on a c(l)ause for sanity.

View photo in message

Edward Pickersgill, aka John “Underling” Doe, born in Glasgow Scotland, has been in Canada since 1957 at age 12.  Long an anti-poverty activist, Ed oversees the 40 Baker Street community centre in downtown Guelph ON, Additional information is available via the usual highly suspect search engines.

2, I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Sophia Bonnie Wodin.

Sophia is a spiritually oriented therapist, writer and teacher who delights in weaving together strands of the natural, physical reality with the journey to spiritual and emotional empowerment and wholeness.  Check out her beautiful

3. My third guest writer is Stan Burfield, who does yeoman service for poets in London ON, my home town.  

Stan is a farm boy from Alberta, one-time adventurer, reporter, florist, currently organizer of London Open Mic Poetry Night and part time support worker for people with autism and developmental disorders. Take a look at his blog on his very informative site, 

Next Monday, July 21, check out Stan’s, Edward’s and Sophia’s own Blog Tours. They will introduce upcoming blogger writers there, and then!




2 thoughts on “The Rolling Blog Tour Stops Here… for a week!

  1. pennkemp says:

    The tour continues on from July 30 as well.


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